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    William Doonan is a seasoned tax attorney serving clients in the Bronx, New York. He specializes in itemizing tax returns for Civil Service workers and has had many clients who are firefighters, police officers, teachers, and more. This specialty, combined with his overall dedication to helping others (including free consultations and additional free representation), has made him the tax attorney of choice for many people throughout the Bronx.

    William attended Fordham College and spent the early years of his career teaching math at NYC public schools. As a teacher, William was able to learn how to connect with young people and inspire them to excel in academics. During his tenure, he often felt that he was learning just as much as his students were. Eventually, William decided to attend Brooklyn Law School, and once he graduated, he devoted his career to tax work full-time.

  • Community

    As a tax attorney, William has plenty of clients with many of them playing important roles in the New York community. Nurses, teachers, police officers, firefighters, and more are all critical community members that William assists in gaining financial control. For many years, William Doonan was a public school teacher, teaching math for nearly 30 years. Without community, cities would not be cities. Here you can find William's blog that's dedicated towards the community.

  • Education

    For nearly 30 years, William Doonan was a math teacher in the public school system. Teaching has easily been a passion of William's from the very beginning. Not only does he have a passion for math, but also for history. Learning is critical to empowering people. Here you can find William's educational blog with a focus on math and history.

  • Lifestyle

    Outside of his career, William is a man who likes to stay busy. A man of many hobbies, you can find William with a good book, visiting the beach, getting in some exercise and more. Throughout time as he blogs, you'll get to learn just what William enjoys doing through his lifestyle website. William Doonan was once a lifeguard, protecting the people visiting New York's beautiful beaches.

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    novembro 8, 2018 · lifestyle,holiday,William Doonan,thanksgiving
    As we enter the month of November, the season of giving and blessings is here. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is an important time to show our thanks and appreciation for everything good we have in our lives. To show your “thanks” this year, try out one of the following ways to...
    novembro 5, 2018 · holidays,nyc,New York City,William Doonan
    As we enter the season of giving, more New Yorkers are counting their blessings and finding ways to give back to the community. Many organizations, from food banks to shelters, are in need of volunteers to help celebrate the holidays this year. Below you can find a few local volunteer...
    outubro 28, 2018 · education,classroom,students,teacher,William Doonan
    As mentioned in my previous post, movies can be a great tool to incorporate into your classroom. When selecting a movie you have to find a balance between entertainment and historical accuracy. There can be some deceiving films that may appear to be historical, but hold little to no accuracy. The...
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